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Audi Warranty Claims

If you purchased an Audi Pure Protection Extended Contract , all claims must be remitted to your local Audi dealership. Any Audi dealer nationwide can service your vehicle regardless of where you purchased your Audi or your Audi warranty.

Protect the investment you made when you purchased your Audi by securing nationwide protection through a factory direct Pure Protection Extended Service Contract.  The peace of mind of extended coverage, whether your  travels take you coast to coast or from work to home, is priceless.

Audi Extended Service Contract Questions

Are the service contracts offered direct from Audi or from third party warranty companies?

Royal Motors Audi of San Fransisco only sell Audi factory Pure Protection Extended Service Contracts that are honored at all Audi dealer locations nationwide.

In the event of a mechanical breakdown, your Audi Extended Service Contract guarantees only genuine Audi parts will be used to repair your vehicle.

Why should I elect to purchase Audi Pure Protection?

At some point during ownership of a vehicle, it is probable that you may experience a mechanical breakdown. In the event that component failure occurs after the factory warranty elapses, you are responsible for the entire cost of repairing your vehicle. One expensive repair alone can easily run over the cost of an Audi Pure Protection Extended Service Contract. Especially in this economy, a growing number of vehicle owners will frequently delay required repairs until they can shoulder the cost . Sometimes putting off needed vehicle repairs may result in the vehicle requiring additional repairs that may even render your vehicle unsafe to operate. As your vehicle ages and accrues mileage, the likelihood of mechanical breakdown and subsequent  repair costs increases. Your Audi dealer offers a variety of  extended service contracts to afford you reassurance  against unanticipated repairs which may not be within your budget. Why gamble with the probability of an unforeseen mechanical breakdown  when you can have the assurance that repairs to your vehicle will be carried out by your Audi dealer using genuine Audi parts?

All Audi Pure Protection Extended Service Contracts are transferable in the event that you decide to sell your vehicle. This will certainly boost your Audi's resale value and give the prospective purchaser additional confidence . Contact one of our San Fransisco Audi Customer Care Consultants to explore which Audi Pure Protection product suits your requirements at 415-241-8125.

At what point in ownership am I eligible to purchase Audi Pure Protection?

Audi Pure Protection Extended Service Contracts may be only be purchased during Audi's original 4 year/50,000 limited manufacturer warranty period. There are three tiers of coverage options available: Silver, Gold or Platinum. Platinum coverage offers a consumer the most comprehensive vehicle protection against mechanical breakdown and component failure. Deductibles and terms of coverage differ within each tier. Protection Plus Extended Service Contracts cover mechanical component replacement in addition to provisions for rental car coverage while your vehicle is being repaired by your Audi dealer, towing coverage in the event of a mechanical breakdown, coverage for any fluids needed as part of a plan covered repair, travel coverage, wear and tear coverage, and even optional tire coverage.

How do I file a claim if my Audi breaks down?

It couldn't be easier to file a claim under your  Audi Pure Protection Extended Service Contract. In the event of a mechanical breakdown, simply take your Audi to one of over 5,000 nationwide authorized service centers and provide your service consultant with your Audi Pure Protection information. After an Audi factory trained technician diagnoses your vehicle's concern and determines what actions are necessary for repair, your Audi service consultant will obtain an authorization number and contact you with the status of your vehicle. Once your Audi is repaired, the service consultant will ask you to authorize the repair order with your signature which is then faxed to the Pure Protection Extended Service Contract Administrator. The service facility is paid via check or credit card by Pure Protection; you are responsible for any deductible that may apply at this time. Your Audi is back on the road! It's that simple!

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